Influencing Factors of Teachers’ Sharing Behaviors of Digital Teaching Resources in Online Teaching Activities

  • LiWen Wen


online teaching, teachers, digital resources, sharing behaviors, influencing factors


Abstract—A scale for the influencing factors of teachers’ sharing behaviors of digital teaching resources in online teaching activities based on IMBP (Integrative Model of Behavioral Prediction) theoretical model and behavioral motivation theory was designed in this study. Then, the major influencing factors were explored. Results demonstrate that the Cronbach α and KMO values are 0.935 and 0.831, indicating good reliability and validity of the designed questionnaire. Sharing motivation and sense of self-efficacy significantly and positively affect the teachers’ sharing behaviors in online teaching activities. In contrast to work stress with no significantly negative effects, awareness of knowledge protection has significantly negative effects on teachers’ sharing behaviors. Sharing atmosphere provides complete and partial mediating effects on the negative effects of work stress and awareness of knowledge protection. The effects of school location (urban or rural), school type, and teaching age on teachers’ sharing behaviors are all significant on the 0.05 level. The obtained conclusions provide important references to the strengthening of technological and teaching supports to teachers, create a generous sharing atmosphere of digital resources, and contribute to the deep and wide propagation of digital resource sharing.


April 5, 2022


LiWen Wen

Liwen Wen is a lecturer in the Medical College, Huanghuai University, Zhumadian 463000, China.